Photo credit: Allison Albino

Photo credit: Allison Albino

About the space

Housed at the ArtHaus space of MilePost 5 (8155 NE Oregon St, Portland, OR), the De-Canon Library showcases the work of writers and artists of color and currently holds over 500 books spanning poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, graphic novel, and zines.

This main library hub serves as a bookable venue for hosting literary and cultural events for both communities of color in Portland and for artists residing at Milepost 5.

We have regular public hours Monday through Thursday and welcome visitors. If you’d like to visit outside our regular times, just contact us and we’ll try to find a time that works for you.

Public Hours:

Mon 12-3 pm, Tue 3-6 pm, Wed 3-6 pm, Thu 5-9 pm